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                • Project Engineering Video

                  Project Engineering Video

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                • Your solution provider in the polymer processing industry.

                  Your solution provider in the polymer processing industry.

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                • Let our EFFICIENCY drive your success.

                  Let our EFFICIENCY drive your success.

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                • CP Series II? Compact Processor

                  CP Series II? Compact Processor

                  Learn about our unique concept integrating an independently controlled mixer and extruder.

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                • CPeX<sup>?</sup>, The Laboratory Compact Processor

                  CPeX?, The Laboratory Compact Processor

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                FARREL POMINI – Your Solution Provider

                …in the polymer processing industry.

                As an extremely diverse yet highly focused organization, we provide you with a full portfolio of services including: new processing equipment design and engineering, spare parts, remanufacturing & rebuilding, process engineering as well as field service and technical support.

                Let our efficiency drive your success.

                The member companies of FARREL POMINI, Farrel Corporation and Pomini Rubber & Plastics, Srl, have over 100 years of combined experience bringing the needed knowledge and expertise to help advance your business and its objectives.

                As part of HF MIXING GROUP we work together for your success. Our shared values are: 

                Passion, Reliability, Ambition and Sustainability. Read more

                FARREL POMINI
                Your solution provider